Crispy Goat Leg Steak


Chef Ben Spangler.

A crispy, grass-fed, goat leg steak with goat milk gravy is a great twist on a classic fried steak recipe. The meat from the goat leg is tender when seared over high heat, rested, and thinly sliced. But, just like many other meats, you want it to stay tender,–so allow it to rest for a few minutes before digging in, and be careful not to overcook. A little patience will pay off, and give you a tender, juicy result. The leg steak alone can be a great base of a dinner, or add some eggs fried with butter and herbs as we’ve done here for late breakfast or brunch.

This recipe is by chef Ben Spangler. Hailing from Minnesota, Ben draws from his Midwestern roots to create dishes that are unpretentious and delicious. Ben has competed on national television for the Food Network and appeared on local Minneapolis food networks. He is currently executive chef at Mercy in Minneapolis.

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Crispy Fried Leg Steak with Egg
Crispy Fried Leg Steak with Eggs

Crispy Goat Leg Steak Ingredients


Crispy Goat Leg Steak

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Goat, Goat Leg


  • Shepherd Song Farm goat leg steak
  • 3 cups goat milk or whole milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 eggs to serve optional
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 2 Tablespoons sweet paprika
  • 1 lb lard
  • 1 oz Italian parsley
  • 2 teaspoons chopped tarragon optional
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 oz butter



  • Melt 2oz butter and add 1oz flour and cook until flour is cooked out 4 min.
  • Add goat milk slowly until combined and thickened and cook until lump free (roughly 5 min) season to taste and keep warm, covered to prevent a skin from forming.

Goat Leg Steak

  • Cut out the bone from the goat leg steak
  • Cover meat with plastic wrap and evenly flatten with meat mallet
  • Season meat with salt and pepper
  • Whisk 1 oz of milk with 3 eggs for the egg wash
  • Mix remaining flour with paprika and cornmeal

Finish and Serve

  • Dip goat leg steak in flour, then dip in egg wash, and finally flour-cornmeal mix.
  • Meanwhile, melt lard in cast iron pan and heat to about 310⁰ F.
  • Add leg steak and allow to cook 4 minutes on each side.
  • Remove steak and reserve.

Optional Eggs

  • Add 1 Tablespoon of butter to a saute pan.
  • Remove bone marrow from the leg bone and add to saute pan.
  • Add the number of eggs desired.
  • When egg begins to set add an additional 1Tablespoon of butter and herbs.
  • Baste eggs with hot butter until they reach desired doneness, and season with salt and pepper.

Goat Leg Steak Floured

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