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Why Grass Farming?

Why Grass Fed Lamb & Goat Farming?

Our lambs and goats are born and raised on environmentally sustainable pastures in Northwest Wisconsin. The animals are pasture-raised and fed only the highest-quality dried forage during the winter months. We supplement our growing grass fed lamb and pregnant ewes with hydroponically grown sprouts during this period.

Llama protector in field of ewes and their lambs

Healthy & 100% Grass Fed

Our best grass fed lamb meat and goat meat products have never been given antibiotics, growth hormones, fed animal byproducts or irradiated (the application of ionizing radiation to food). We follow sustainable and rotational grazing practices that enhance the growth of native plant species while providing naturally fertilized and nutrient-rich fields for the best grass fed lamb results.

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Grass Fed is Better for the Environment

Sheep are friends of the earth and instinctively manage the land they graze. Grazing sheep can thin smothering overgrowth, eat noxious weeds dangerous to other livestock, help nourish wildlife by encouraging the growth of healthy forage, and recycle vital nutrients back into the soil. Grass fed lamb and sheep are a safe, natural and effective alternative to chemicals.

Benefits of Eating Wild

A major benefit of raising livestock like goats and lambs on pasture is that they have the freedom to express their natural behavior and as a result are healthier and healthier for you. Compared to feedlot meats, meat from grass fed lamb and goats has lower cholesterol, less total fat, and a healthier fat that includes higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Nutrition tests have also found more vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. For more nutrition information on grass fed lamb meats check out the Eat Wild website. Also, check out our best grass fed lamb meat and goat meat product selection to discover the difference for yourself.

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Why is Grass Fed Better for Us?

The health benefits of grass fed meat: It is frequently stated that 100% grass fed is better for us, better for the animal, and better for the environment.

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