Lamb or Goat Burgers Anyone?

Tips for making the perfect, grilled burger!

One of the best parts of summer is eating outside, whether on the deck, at a park, or by a lake. And a grill makes everything taste better. We have found that grilled lamb and goat burgers delight both family and guests and have become a favorite summertime meal. Our preference is to use natural hardwood, lump charcoal but a griddle will also provide good results. Burgers are an American classic. Quick and easy to eat–yet juicy and delicious. There are a variety of ways to successfully prepare them. Here are some grilling suggestions for a simple burger garnished with your choice of lettuce, tomato, onion and/or mushrooms.

Lamb burger on the grill
Lamb burger on the grill

Lamb burger ready for grill
Lamb burger ready for grill

Build the perfect lamb or goat burgers

  1. Choose grass fed. Grass fed lamb and goat has better flavor than its commodity-lamb counterpart and is lower in fat than grain or corn fed meat options.
  2. Handle the meat as little as possible. Do not stress or over-work the meat.
  3. Skip fillers such as egg, breadcrumbs and the garlic often recommended for lamb meat. Quality lamb does not require excessive garlic.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.
  5. For a delicious appearance form the burger to fit the bun. Small buns look best with small burgers just as large buns need an appropriately larger burger.
  6. A thumb print, also called divot, in the center of the patty will help keep it from bulging in the middle. Flattening a burger with a spatula while cooking forces the juices to run out and dries out the patty.
  7. The juiciest burger will be grilled to rare and allowed to rest to medium rare if desired.

Order Grass Fed Ground Goat Meat

The Grill:

  1. Build a fire with natural hardwood charcoal. Place the patties on the edge of the fire to sear. If the ground lamb is fatty (20 or 25 % fat) it will drip and create sooty flare-ups. To prevent flare-ups, move your patties farther from the flames.
  2. Before removing the patties from the grill shift them over the hot fire for 30 seconds a side to develop the crust.
  3. Top with a slice of tomato and/or onions and mushrooms (wild if available). These can also be grilled very quickly over medium/low direct heat until charred, sweet and soft.

Optional: Instead of melted cheese substitute a teaspoon of seasoned butter (see recipe below).

Seasoned Butter Recipe

1    stick salted butter, room temperature
1    Tablespoon  minced parsley
1    Tablespoon  finely minced shallots
1    Tablespoon  minced tarragon spice
½   teaspoon ground white or black pepper
2    Tablespoon lemon juice
½   teaspoon dry ground mustard

Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir.