Predator Protection

The young fox in the picture appears to be both curious and envious of the playful kids. Although, we have many fox dens in our pastures (4 this year with approximately 6-8 kits) they do not harm the kids. Fox diet is made up mostly of rodents, small rabbits and occasionally more vulnerable small lambs. Goats have many ways of defending their young from attack and are not shy about butting any predator that appears to be a threat. They of course cannot take on large predators such as wolves or dog packs

If a young goat is scared or gets into trouble—common for goat kids—it will scream in a high pitched wail. The adults will quickly move to defend it from danger and take on a dog if necessary. When kids become exhausted they curl in the grass or under a log beside their twin and wait for the doe to call with a low, vibrating sound. The kids will then run to the doe to joyfully reunite and suckle a few minutes.