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Grass Fed & Finishing is Our Passion

From our small farm in Northwest Wisconsin, we raise lambs and goats traditionally, humanely, and sustainably. Our 100% grass fed & finished* USDA lamb meat and goat meat is not only the healthiest and most delicious lamb meat and goat meat you will ever taste, our stringent standards also ensure it’s better for the animals and the environment.

Humanely Raised

No Antibiotics

No Animal Byproducts

No Corn or Grain

No Hormones

100% Grass Fed
& Finished

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Grass to Table®

Taste the difference in each of our cuts of 100% grass-fed and finished* lamb meat and goat meat. Our animals are raised within their natural social groups on clover pastures supplemented with wild grasses, herbs, and tender alfalfa. Their ability to express their natural instinctive behaviors in a low-stress environment results in lean and flavorful meat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. You will find this the healthiest and most delicious grass-fed lamb and goat meat you have ever tasted.

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*”Grass (Forage) Fed” means that grass and forage shall be the feed source consumed for the lifetime of the ruminant animal, with the exception of milk consumed prior to weaning.

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Our Story

What People Are Saying

Lamb is what they serve in Heaven. Well, I figure when I walk through St. Peter’s Gates they are going to be serving the Zelo’s Lamb with grilled vegetables, greens and gnocchi. Mike Drop! (It is that good).

Coach S.

Wow! I wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful goat and lamb meat. It was by far the best quality lamb and goat I've ever had. We open fire roasted the lamb and I braised the goat in a dutch oven over open coals and the lamb on a skewer. The other meat was braided pork loins.. The goat was the first meat gone from the spread.

Shane H.

I received the package when I got home last night. I was so excited, I realized I had opened the package and pulled the meat out before I even took off my coat or set my bag down. When I saw the goat and the lamb gift I did a little happy dance. I can't wait to do some cooking this weekend! Thank you so much. I'll be sure to send pictures.

Peter S.

I am really thrilled with all of your products! How things are done is the most important. And the level of integrity and love that you use to farm these lovely animals comes through! I can feel it in the food!

Samantha C.

The meat was beautifully packaged and came frozen solid. I am defrosting a couple of chops for tonight's dinner. I feel like I should pose with the meat smiling,with the quote "Got Goat?"

Dennis S.

My daughter and I shared the 1/2 rack of lamb last night. It was more than outstanding. The flavor of your meat is so beautiful and clean. Just delish! I prepared it with a crust of salt, balsamic vinegar, stone ground mustard, garlic and panko. WOW! Thank you again for giving us a little slice heaven. We also enjoyed the delicious cheeses!

Leslie K.

Want to let you know the goat was fabulous as good as I’ve had. Sweet and tender and just perfect. No one at the dinner party had never had goat before. Marvelous introduction for them.

Peter A.

Your product is always spectacular. I tell anyone that will listen.

Daniel B.

I just want to let you know that the package arrived with great condition last week. Everything inside was still cold and hard upon arrival. Thank you so much for the sophisticated packaging with good amount of coolant.

Zoe D.

Thanks so much for the wonderful goat leg that you provided for our Ag Group Holiday party. I now have a new favorite source of protein – goat leg! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season.

Rodney F.

I shop local small businesses and specialty shops for quality. My mom would joke that I shop at the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker....this experience feels the same as a local business. Thank you for the care and concern.

Kathleen K.

Comments: I ordered your lamb summer sausage for a Christmas party for relatives. It was superb, and disappeared faster than the country ham. I will be back for more.

Barry W.

The lamb arrived on schedule yesterday and we immediately tried the double lamb chops. WONDERFUL, TASTY, AND TENDER. Much better on the grill than the single chops as we can keep them rare. Your meats are so much better than what we can buy from any of the stores. We will keep the freezer stocked with your lamb. Thank you for being so helpful.

Bill K.

We quit eating pork bacon. Its been hard! we eat beef and turkey. Nothing is like the Lamb bacon. We just had. We got our package about an hour ago. We love. It’s like mom use to make us growing up. Thank you so much.

John S.

Happy New Year! The lamb was amazing! It all sold on NYE which is what we had hoped. We pulled the meat off the bone (made a stock with the bones), tied and braised the meat. It was FANTASTIC!

Lori Lucias Restaurant

The shanks were amazing! Thanks a lot,

Elisabetta C.

I have never cooked with goat before, However I will again. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Ron N.

I am so very very happy to have found a place where I can order such high quality goat and lamb meat for my son, knowing I can trust that he will not react to it. Thanks so much for your care and integrity!

Lynn B.

I am the most satisfied customer! Love your farm! God bless! Emilia

Emilia S.

Your goat is amazing! Very Delicate, mild flavor! I'm enjoying it very much! Thank you!

Samuel N.

Lamb roast was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Looking forward to the other cuts of lamb we purchased recently.

Elaine M.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just received them. If they taste as good as they look this will be the best tasting Easter ever. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Loretta E.

We so much are enjoying our order of lamb and goat which arrived on time and perfectly packed.

Suzanne B.

Everyone raved last year that the lamb was "the best they'd ever tasted"; I had to order again and may be adding to it. Thanks for all and Happy Holidays!

Gary K.

I do like the whole racks, and may I say I've been cooking your lamb for a long time and it is the best out there.

Ryan L.

Thank you for all of your work and help on the lamb. Amazingly good and perfectly wrapped. THANK YOU BOTH.

Henry N.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the fast shipping and the wonderful lamb products I received in time for Easter from your farm. The leg of lamb was a perfect hit...tender and tasty. I appreciated the recipe too that I found on your web site. The recipe was spot on. I look forward to enjoying the other items waiting in my freezer, and will certainly be ordering again in the future! Thank you for all you do to provide quality natural meats.

Andrea A.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the 12 lamb shanks you sent last week. I prepared them for 'lamb connoisseurs' from South Africa who felt they were the best they had ever eaten. It was not the preparation but the succulence and balance of meat, fat and bone that was the winner. Thanks again. I will be back.

George W.

Shank meat was delicious. It fell of the bone tender, mild, delicious and wonderful. Thank you very much.

Ron G.

I just love your necks ! Thank you!

Sam N.

I've only had lamb out at fancy restaurants and never prepared it myself so I was a bit nervous even though I consider myself a very good cook- I didn't do too much but throw a few herbs and a small shallot from my garden into my burger mixture but it was perfect. Like so many I'm trying to eat cleaner food, raised closer to home, and your lamb I think has knocked bison and grass fed beef down a couple pegs in my book. I have to think about goat, but I'm working on it.

Bethany N.

I recently ordered shoulder, shanks and ground, so far have cooked the shoulder (a Tangine) all excellent quality. I have lived in S. CA for 29 years (from England) and have long searched for lamb of this quality, I will be back for more.

Michael W.

Taste the Difference

Whether you’re looking for the the highest quality grass fed lamb chops for your daily dinner table, a decadent rack of lamb for a summer barbecue, or a flavorful leg of goat for a special holiday celebration, you’ll savor every delicious bite of our 100% grass fed meats.

Special Dogs, Special Diets

You want your dog to have the best nutrition. A diet of raw or cooked grass-fed meats may be just what your best friend needs. Try our natural grass-fed dog treats!

- Global Shepherds -

During the last few years, a significant part of our learning has involved volunteer assignments in Africa through our Common Pastures Farmer-to-Farmer Project.

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